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Pantanal @ Mato Grosso, Brazil

Hello folks,

I really need to find time to write more in my blog CorujaOnTheRoad.

Since my last post I did some trips around Brazil, but I did not have time to update my blog.

On saturday, january 22, 2011, I went to Pantanal. I always dreamed about going to Pantanal, Brazil.

Have you ever dreamed about seeing "Jacaré" and a lot of other wild animals?

So my dream came true on this saturday and I finally went to Pantanal with my wife.

After learning about the options, we decided to contract a local company called "Confiança Turismo" from Cuiabá, Mato Grosso.

We had included in our package:
- Someone to pick us up at our hotel on Cuiabá,MT;
- Someone with a car and gas to drive us to Pantanal, MT to a "Pousada" called "Pousada Rio Claro";
- Have launch (almoço) at Pousada Rio Claro in Pantanal, MT.
- Have a boat ride and take a lot of pictures with "jacarés";
- It was not included in the package drinks, so we spent 7 reais to drink a Tamarindo Juice (a local juice), for me, it was a little expensive.
- I also took a pool bath.

I can say that this trip was incredible, the whole road called "Transpantaneira" is incredible; and going to the jungle to see the wild animals is just perfect.

I am posting some videos about my trip with my wife. It was just perfect.

I also would like to thank our guide called Edmilson and Gonça for the really good job, we loved it.

We did a lot of other good videos and pics, but we do not put all the videos here.

If you are planning to came to Pantanal in Brazil you will love it, I promisse.

We also ate last week at Lelis Peixaria what they call "Rodizio de Peixes".

Everything you will eat there you will love, even "Jacaré".

Our favorites are:
- Filé grelhado na chapa com molho de Tucupi;
- Pastel de Pirarucu e kibe de peixe;
- Pirarucu a Milanesa;
- Pintado a Milanesa;
- Pacu ao Escabeche;
- Arraia Frita;
- Jacaré no Espeto ou Frito.

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